Judy began working with our family toward the end of our son's junior year.  Though he knew he wanted to go to college, he was not motivated to make any effort toward finding a college that would be right for him. Judy was reassuring and knowledgeable. For example, she clarified the process for enrolling in community college classes while in high school when his high school guidance counselor could not. Judy stays up-to-date with the latest college information, and is skilled at doing research and data analysis.

Something that sets Judy and AP College Consulting apart is that they are committed to providing college information to the community free of charge.  There is little college information for families at our high school, and Judy gave several informative presentations.

- Julia C, Sacramento  May 2018

Judy has made the college search and application process less overwhelming for me in many ways.  She has given me tips on books to buy, websites to visit, and a timeline with tasks to complete.  She calls me regularly and gives her opinion on colleges I'm interested in.  She also does research on her own on those colleges to see if they suit my interests and would be beneficial for my future goals / career.  I'm grateful to have had this support - my parents were unable to provide the guidance needed for the college search and application process.

- Olivia W  October 2017

Talking to Judith was the perfect first step for my son.  She helped him get a handle on the college application process and how to think about selecting schools.  The matrix of safety, target, and reach schools she created based on his scores and academic interests really got his (and his parents) attention and made the whole thing real for us.  I highly recommend this team for you and your high-schooler.

Donna F   2017